Royalty-Free and Custom Graphics

Purchasing Agreement

This Purchase Agreement (this “Agreement”) governs the purchase of credits and subscriptions from http://www.graphicsRF.com (the “Site”). The Agreement is made between you and Blue Ring Media Pty., Ltd. ("graphicsRF"). This  Agreement is in addition to the Terms of Use and all other agreements applicable to the use of the Site.

1. Credits

Credits can be used to purchase and download images under graphicsRF's standard and extended license agreements. Credit packages may be purchased on the Site through our payment gateway using a credit card. A minimum of 10 credits must be purcahsed. The value of a credit is dependant on the volume of credits purchased per transaction. The current value of credits in US Dollars can be viewed on the purchases page of the Site.

Credits have an expiry of 365 days from the date of purchase. After this time has elapsed, unused credits will automatically be deleted from your account.

Credits may not be exchanged for cash.


2. Subscriptions

Users with active subscriptions are able to download a maximum of 20 images in any size and format within a 24 hour period. Note: Subscriptions do not include extended licenses. The prices displayed for subscripotion purchases are in US Dollars. The price and duration of subscriptions can be viewed on the purchases page of the Site.

Subscriptions may not be exchanged for cash.


3. Refund policy

Purchases made on graphicsRF are non-refundable. Should complaints or issues arise regarding image purchases, graphicsRF may credit customer accounts with additional credits.